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  • Gesprekken

    Dit zijn de geestigste teksten op het web in lang: in 't Engels

    Overheard in NEw-York

    Een voorbeeld:

    A Real Life Three's Company Moment

    Guy: then she tells me she's a call girl.
    Girl: Oh, I did that for a while. Back in high school.
    Guy: You were a call girl?
    Girl: Yeah, for a little while. It sucked.
    Guy: Um...yeah?
    Girl: Yeah. Pay was okay, but it just wasn't worth it. Everybody always yelling at you and hanging up on you.
    Guy: Hanging up on you?
    Girl: Yeah.
    Guy: Because you were a call girl?
    Girl: Yeah.
    Guy: Like a telemarketer?
    Girl: Yes!
    Guy: Oh. Well, this girl wasn't...that kind of call girl.

    --F Train

    Overheard by: Heather
    “Most motorcycle problems are caused by the nut that connects the handlebars to the saddle.”